Cotton Mosquito Net

Cotton Mosquito Net

Cotton mosquito nets from the cotton mosquito net online specialist.

Need the best quality cotton mosquito net? For over a decade MosquitoNets has specialized in the manufacture of machine washable cotton mosquito netting with an exclusive run-proof weave.

Our Deluxe range of cotton mosquito nets are fully hemmed with a fabric band to prevent fraying and shrinkage associated with inferior products. The fabric reinforced ceiling of our box shaped cotton mosquito nets is crafted from cotton mosquito netting for superior ventilation and ideal for homes with ceiling fans.

The fabric hems ensure maximum insect protection from all biting, flying, creeping and crawling insects as the openings fall closed and the mosquito netting drapes hang to the floor. Our cotton fabric and cotton mosquito netting is a soft, warm white. The ceiling of these superior mosquito nets is reinforced with fabric to ensure that our exclusive bed net will last and protect for many years.

We use superior cotton mosquito netting because we want our customers to have a product that will last, look great and stop mosquitoes. Our cotton mosquito netting is machine washable and far, far superior to muslin which is known to easily pull apart and shrink.

Cotton mosquito netting OR synthetic mosquito netting? The choice is yours and will be dictated by many factors including price, look, feel and functionality. All our great mosquito nets are functional and designed to stop mosquitoes and there is little difference in air flow between the fabrics and the most significant difference is visibility is reduced with natural fibres.

Mosquito nets can be something that you hate, they get in the way and give you claustrophobia, they can feel plastic and look nasty. At MosquitoNets we design nets that are functional and attractive and even a little romantic!

Our cotton mosquito nets are designed as attractive additions to your sleeping space that offer protection from annoying disease spreading insects.

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