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Pop up mosquito net

Pop Up Mosquito Net. DOUBLE to KING

Now: US$55.99
Was: US$85.00
PopUp Mosquito Net Our amazing popup freestanding mosquito net is full of features and perfect for everyday use. It erects in just seconds and you can use it just about anywhere as it doesn't need...
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Mosquito net canopy

Cotton Mosquito Net Box. KING/CAL KING

Now: US$199.00
Was: US$219.00
Cotton Mosquito Net for King and California King Bed Deluxe Cotton Mosquito Net with four openings. Total insect protection. This design really is the best available. It is an easy care, machine...
On Sale
Mosquito net

Cotton Mosquito Net Box. SUPER KING

Now: US$215.00
Was: US$265.00
Cotton Mosquito Net. Super King This massive extra tall cotton mosquito net measures a HUGE 91 X 98.5 X 94.5" (H) Deluxe Cotton Mosquito Net with four openings. Total insect protection. It is an...
On Sale
Mosquito net for bed

Mosquito Net Box. SUPER KING

Now: US$129.00
Was: US$160.00
Mosquito Net. Super King. Soft polyester 100% insect protection! Deluxe because they are just so good....The unique design, the quality of workmanship and finish, as well as our selection of...
On Sale
Crib mosquito net

Crib Netting / Baby Net

Now: US$39.99
Was: US$55.00
Crib Netting. Mosquito Net for Baby. Insect Net Fast Instant Protection for babies. This crib mosquito net provides fast effective protection for the ones we love.   Simple and easy to...

customer reviews

Mosquito net

Top quality mosquito net. Hangs beautifully and is excellent quality cotton, very satisfied with this product.

- Kate

Amazing Net

So pleased with this net! Ended up buying a second to put over my sons bed. Fantastic quality, very happy with my purchase and super fast postage.

- Lucy


...for making sure we get the nets in time, it is much appreciated.

- Nathan

Guaranteed Insect Protection

100% Cotton netting and fabric
Corner ties included for easy tie back
4 openings with generous overlaps
  • 100% insect protection.
  • Versatile design. Suspend with or without a frame
  • Fully hemmed with 1" (25mm) band so that the openings fall closed and insects are kept out.
  • Four openings with 28" (75cm) overlap so that there are no gaps for mosquitoes to find their way in.
  • Natural warm white cotton with a run-proof weave.
  • 256 holes per square inch or 25 holes per square cm.
Large strong fibreglass hoop creates spacious interior
Soft and sheer polyester netting
Opens on both sides of the bed
  • Fits King and Queen and Double and Daybeds
  • Large, strong fibreglass hoop creates spacey interior
  • Easy to use. Requires 1 point of suspension
  • Soft and sheer polyester netting
  • 256 holes per square inch
  • Openings on two sides
  • Generous overlaps to ensure a comfortable protection over ALL beds
  • Fully hemmed so the netting falls closed.

Luxurious and Sustainable

About Us

Designing and Making Mosquito Nets and Bed Canopies since 1999

We are passionate about what we do, and our focus on customer satisfaction ensures that every net we create is durable, sustainable, and of the highest quality.

Global Reach

We sell mosquito net bed canopies all around the world. We take pride in the fact that our products have reached destinations from Tasmania to New York and from New Mexico to New Caledonia. We supply exclusive resorts and guesthouses as well as individuals wanting premium quality fashionable protection. We warehouse inventory in North Carolina and Sydney for fast and efficient worldwide deliveries

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At, we understand the importance of taking care of our planet. That's why we use sustainable materials to create our high-quality bed nets and bed canopies. Our goal is to make a positive impact on the world and leave it a better place for future generations.

We genuinely care about this beautiful planet and suggest that using a mosquito net, opening a window and turning off the air conditioner is good for the environment and good for everyone. Our office is powered by 100% solar energy.

Shop with us today and experience the difference!

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