Box Mosquito Nets

Box Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nets for beds available in pure cotton, polyester or natural silk.

Designed with versatility in mind our patented mosquito nets for beds feature pairs of fabric ties and a reinforced fabric ceiling sleeve for the use of curtain rod. Our deluxe box shaped mosquito bed nets feature REAL mosquito netting. Our exclusive cotton netting is made with a run-proof weave and fully hemmed.

Our mosquito nets for beds are finished with a fabric band to prevent the fraying and shrinkage associated with cheap mosquito nets. The fabric hems ensure maximum insect protection from all biting, flying, creeping and crawling insects as the openings fall closed and the netting drapes hang to the floor.

Our cotton fabric and netting is a soft, warm white and manufactured with a run proof weave. The sheer polyester mosquito nets are available with a decorative tasselled fringe.

Our Budget and Travel box mosquito net for bed do not have the decoration or features associated with our Deluxe mosquito nets however still offer great protection.

The ceiling of these superior box shaped mosquito nets is reinforced with fabric to ensure that our exclusive bed mosquito net will last and last. Turn on the fan, open the windows and rest peacefully on hot summer nights. Frames are not necessary to display our box mosquito nets however they add another dimension to their display and help create a spacious and safe sleeping space. Use exotic bamboo for a tropical feel, a hidden curtain rod frame for a contemporary look or simply attach directly to the ceiling.

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